Free Software from Comona Co., Ltd.

Measure and Tweet Hakatter Ver.1.0.0
The Twitter client designed for measure and Tweet works on iPhone/iPad.
Measure Discount info., Radioactive, Blood Pressure and Tweet. Search on App Store with word "Hakatter".
The program works on Apple iOS 4.2 or later.

Tiny Web Browser WebPiece Ver.1.0.0
Have you ever illitated to show small and limited function web pages occupy your favorite browser's tab, screen and bookmark?
Why don't you use "WebPiuece" to remove such pages from your favorite browser?
The software requires Apple Mac OSX 10.7.

Password Manager PasSimple Ver.3.0.1
Password manager application which runs on apple iPhone and iPad.
This software records your user ID and password pair. Search "PasSimple" at Apple App Store.
The software requires Apple iOS 10 or later.

Remote caputure Software "RemoTure"
RemoTure is the remote capture software. which enables you to capture remote Mac/Win screen and clipboard from your Mac/Win.
We also submitted iOS version 1.5.0. Please be patient for a while. iOS version only provides client side functions, which means its captures remote Mac/Win screen and clipboard, but do not allows capture its screen from the other computers.

File transfer Software using Shared SSL "ShSSL File Transfer"
ShSSL File Transfer is designed to provide secure file transfer to shared SSL server users.
ShSSL File Transfer has 2 parts, a server side Python CGI program and client side program works on Macintosh OSX.
This software decrease a risk to compare with plain text FTP access. Your plain text FTP access is limited between your shared SSL server and FTP server, both servers are resides in server hosting company's LAN.

CSV record upload Software "CsvToWebRec"
CSV upload software CsvToWebRec uploads CSV records to Web-Server.
Most of situations you don't need to write upload script. Just configure CsvToWebRec.

File Encryption Software "Josuijo-Dori"
Encrypt/Decrypt files with RSA ansynmetric key.
Encrypt attached file with receiptant's key before send by e-mail.

Junk-Box Software "Sukumogawa"
Saves files when drag and drop files on desktop shortcut of this software.
An easy operation software.
Give a comment to saved object for easier operation.
Restore and Write to other folders are also easy by using drag and drop and ordinal cut and paste operations.

Command line RecycleBin tool 'GB'
You can move files from command prompt.
You can maintain contents of RecycleBin with dialog mode.