This is says commonly a Junk-Box software for MS-Windows.
Environment of operation is MS-Windows Me, XP Home Edition, 2000, and XP Professional.
The check of operation is omitted in 95 and 98. I think that it probably does not move. Although 98SE is considered to move, it will be taken as the outside for operation.
It is convenient to save the file of the present state for the time being.
There is none of other functions.

Please put a shortcut icon on a desktop.
Files will be backed up if a file is dropped with the shortcut icon.

The transfer of a file with Explorer can also be performed.

Although "Sukumogawa" is free software, copyright belongs to Comona Co., Ltd.

The latest version is 1.0.1.

Sukumogawa's page on Simtel.


Help page of Sukumogawa is here.

Please download Sukumogawa from here.

Apr/24/2004(Sat) Released Ver. 1.0.0.
May/24/2004(Mon) Released Ver. 1.0.1.

MS-Windows is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Jul/01/2004 Comona Co., Ltd.