CsvToWebRec is the CSV uploader software works in Mac OSX.
This software supports your CSV uploading task. Mostly you don't need to write upload script. This software will let you concentrate on Web side development.
Uploading will done in "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" format.
The summary of usage.

  1. Decide the procedure of CSV file uploading, and Implement server side. Usually the procedure has user login in the beginning and user logout int the ending.
  2. Configure the user login parameters into CsvToWebRec's Prologue dialog-box and user logout parameters into Epilogue dialog-box. Configure CSV format how to upload to you web server in main window, and additional parameters while uploading procedure into Web Config dialog-box (We think mostly a record count configure. Because 1 record in each submit is wasting a time as long s each record is not so large.).
  3. Start uploading to Web server.

Supporintg environment. Apple Mac OSX 10.5 or later(64bit Intel).

The copyright of CsvToWebRecbelongs to Comona Co., Ltd.

Please download from here.

The source code also available. If you are old Mac OSX user (PPC, 32bit Intel), please try with this.

The latest version is 0.1


Download page

Help(Just uploaded Help Book)

2010-10-11-(mon) Version 0.1

Mac OSX is the registered trademark of Apple Inc.

2010-10-11 Comona Co., Ltd.