ShSSL File Transferv.0.1

ShSSL File Transfer is designed to provide secure file transfer to the shared SSL users.
This software contains server side CGI program implemented in Python with ftplib, and client side program works on MacOSX.
This software limits the plain text FTP protocol inside the server hosting company's network and this will decrease the risk to transfer plain text FTP user ID and password through unknown networks.
The summary of usage.

  1. Install Python CGI programs into your Web server.
  2. Install client program into your Macintosh.
  3. Start file transfer between your Macintosh and Web server.

Supporintg environment. Apple Mac OSX 10.5 or later(64bit Intel).

The copyright of ShSSL File Transfer belongs to Comona Co., Ltd.

Please download from here.

The source code also available.

The latest version is 0.1


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2010-10-31-(sun) Version 0.1

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2010-10-31 Comona Co., Ltd.