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This page is the download page of Comona's shared SSL using file transfer using software 'ShSSL File Transfer'.
Please try those on whom the following contents agree.
'ShSSL File Transfer' is free distribution software. It sets up in person, and in using it, not all charges start.

Current version is 0.1.

------------------ Software Use consent contract ------------------

This software use consent contract agrees upon use of software between you and Comona Co,. Ltd.


No. 1 (Attribution of copyright)
In addition to this, the copyright concerning related data, such as a manual attached to this software and this software, and all intellectual property rights belong to Comona Co,. Ltd.

No. 2 (The range of use consent)
Comona Co,. Ltd. permits the following things to you.

1. The duplicate thing of this software is installed in your personal computer and use it.
2. Re-distribute with no charge.
3. Offer introduction / support service no charge or for pay.

No. 3 (Prohibition matters)
You cannot perform the following acts.

1. Use of act against public order and standards of decency.
2. Perform sale, distribution, loan, transfer, or other disposal for pay to a third person about all or some of this software, related data, or these duplicate things witin a false copyrights.

No. 4 (Exemption from responsibility)
Comona Co., Ltd. does not take any responsibility to you about all damage (damage by disappearance of a your information, defamation, etc. is included) produced from having used these about the defect of this software or related data, the flaw, etc., or it not having been used.

No. 5 (Term of validity)

1. From the time of you having agreed on this contract, the term of validity of this contract is until it stops use of this software.
2. When you breaks the provision of this contract, it shall end immediately and this contract shall also end the consent specified for the 2nd article of this contract.
3. You shall delete this software, related data, and those duplicate things promptly after the end of this contract.


Please download, when you can approve about the above affairs.


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