Python CGI
Install Python CGI before using ShSSL File Transfer.
Python CGI files are folowings.
File NameDescriptionAttentions
shssl.cgiMain ModuleMake sure the 1st. line is matches to your Web server's python path.
After copy to remote host, add execute permission to this file. Details are described in here.
settings.pySetting ModuleChange for the server setting suitable to your servers. Details are described in here.
changes.pychmod Module/td>Chnages file mode.
files.pyFile Manipuration ModuleRename, Remove files and Make directories.
list.pylist ModuleListing files.
retrieve.pyretr ModuleRetrieves file contents.
store.pystor ModuleStore file contents.
util.pyUtility function ModuleUtility functions are defined.
xmlformatter.pyXML format ModuleFormts communication contents into XML format and sends to client program.